Radiokismet specializes in podcast production, content creation, hosting and distribution, analytics, monetization, marketing, promotion, and consulting. Our wide-reaching scope of services will aid local businesses and podcast creators to achieve the highest- quality audio content possible while building brand identity, monetizing content, and growing audiences.


Radiokismet produces industry standard audio and media content, including in-house recording, editing, mixing, and mastering designed to build your brand image. We develop podcast concepts,
research and create episode topics, expand scripting content and provide hosting and distribution services for podcasts ensuring that your audio content is available on all major podcast platforms.


Radiokismet aims to provide a platform for thoughtful and engaging discussions on a variety of topics, inviting guests and audiences to share their perspectives and learn from one another. With our dynamic format and experienced host; Christopher Plant, our weekly live shows and podcasts are must-watch for anyone looking for real, honest conversations.


If you’re looking to reach an engaged and curious audience, Radiokismet is the perfect platform to build and market your true brand vision. Our expert guests and engaging format will ensure that your brand will be seen as a trusted authority on the topics that matter most.

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